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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai authorities imposed the regulations regarding permission to enter the Kingdom of Thailand, Including the quarantine upon arrival. We provide and imposed several additional steps for protecting you against COVID-19 to make your trip as safe as possible.

Thailand Travel Restrictions:
Please check restrictions updates for traveling in Thailand through the following link

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) :



International Relationship Services

Our International Coordination Center is a unique and complementary service designed to provide streamlined access and individual cultural support for international patients in order to create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you arrive to Thailand, entering the State quarantine. Whether to discuss accommodation, travel arrangements or simply enjoy a bit of company, our international staff will ensure that every customer will receive the best and relaxing experience at MOR YING CLINIC 

Coordination service

  • Coordinate to an Alternative Hospital Quarantine and its transportation.

  • Assistance on Hotel booking and travel advice.

  • Catering of special diets, including Thai street food, Asian, Western or Muslim food.

  • Arrange and coordinate with other hospitals and clinics for co-services.

  • Liaise with Embassies and foreign organizations.

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Document services

Our international relations team provides document services for your departure.

  1. Medical Certificate: A medical certificate is a written statement from a physician which is issued for a variety of reasons including certification of a patient’s illness, certification of a customer fitness, or certification of a patient’s recovery from a medical condition.

  2. Fit to fly Certificate: Some airlines require a medical letter/certificate confirming that the patient’s medical condition is currently stable and suitable to travel.

  3. Medical Records: Medical records are information concerning a patient’s health care such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications, allergies, and lab results

  4. Insurance reimbursement papers: Such as the medical certificate, medical records, and receipts along with the detailed information.


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Mor Ying Clinic's Patient

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Mor Ying Clinic's Patient

Satisfaction & Follow up form :

Mor Ying Clinic's Hotel

Satisfaction Questionnaire :

Mor Ying Clinic's

Transportation Services Survey :

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