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We are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to prevent COVID-19. 

Training for Employee Protective Equipment ( PPE )
Morying Clinic requires employers to provide training to each employee who must use PPE. The training must cover any situations in which PPE is necessary; required PPE products; putting on properly, taking off, adjusting, and wearing PPE; limitations of PPE; and the proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of PPE.


Training usually requires a hands-on demonstration so each employee can demonstrate the ability to use PPE properly before he or she can perform work requiring the equipment. When changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete, retraining is necessary. Technicians also must go through retraining when the type of PPE changes or if employees demonstrate they have not retained an understanding or skill for proper PPE use. Managers must maintain records with the name of each employee trained, dates of training, and the type of PPE covered.


We are committed to providing you with a safe environment to prevent COVID-19.

( Covid-19 advice for the public 2021 by WHO)

  1. All clients and staffs must have body temperature check, change uniform and hand washing 20 sec. at the entry door

  2. All clients are asked to fill a Covid-19 screening questionnaire.

  3. Hand sanitizer is available adequately at the clinic lobby, public area, and all meeting areas.

  4. We clean public spaces regularly and contact surfaces at least every 2 hours, doorknob, elevator handrail and all furniture.

  5. E-billing and mobile banking payment is available to reduce human-to-human contact.

  6. Social distancing is required at least 2-4 meter for each client.

  7. All staffs are trained to wash hands regularly and use the disinfectants safely.

  8. All staffs must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) gloves, face masks, Face shield.

  9. All treatment rooms are disinfected immediately after used for each client

  10. Provide good ventilation and have efficient air purifiers in the pubic area and each room.

  11. Limit the number of clients to an appropriate proportion to prevent transmission.

  12. We use disinfectant products that have been approved by the Thai FDA.

  13. New bedding set and equipment is provided for each client, no reused.

  14. All counter service have Acrylic Covid-19 Partition Shield  which approved by the Thai FDA.


Pre-Screening for Covid-19 :

  1. Wear face mask properly at all time.

  2. Body temperature checks are conducted at the entry door.

  3. Normal < 36.4 - 37.4˚C.

  4. Over > 37.5˚C.

  5. All customers are require to fill in Covid-19 screening online platform questionnaire (FM-NSO-013).

  6. Contact with a confirmed patient under investigated.

  7. Travel back from abroad with in 14 days.

  8. Travel outside your area of residence with in 14 days.

  9. A medical or public health personnel exposed to cluster or PUI (Patient Under Investigation) or Covid ’s patients.

  10. Check RT-PCR Covid-19.

  11. Negative; Continue treatment process by not concern PUI (Patient Under Investigation).

  12. Positive; Escort PUI (Patient Under Investigation) to hospital by Covid-ambulance car.

  13. Check-in via COSTE application.

  14. Before getting into the clinic, clean your hands with hand sanitizer.


Appointed customer :

1 .Staff make appointment with customer by phone call at least 1 day in advance.

2. ​​Fill out MORYING Clinic's traveling survey

Mor Ying Clinic's traveling survey.png

4. Scan QR code Thaichana
(​Thailand launches “ Thaichana” online platform to retain effectiveness in covid-19 control measures.)


5. hand washing and body temperature check up


7. Social distancing and wear face mask properly at all time.


8. Service Process
(Previous history and problem assessment, consultation, treatment, making appointment and payment)


3. 30 minutes before appointment time, Staff confirm appointment with customer by phone call.


6. Robe and shoes are provided by
the clinic


9. Each rooms will be disinfected immediately after used. Then staff record time for the room is available.


Covid-19 Vaccination

All doctors and medical practitioners at MORYING CLINIC have Covid-19 vaccinated.


Vaccine Situation in Thailand :

Link to CDC of Thailand


Mor Ying Clinic's Patient Registration.png
Mor Ying Clinic's Patient Satisfaction _ Follow up form.png
Mor Ying Clinic's Hotel Satisfaction Questionnaire.png
Mor Ying Clinic's Transportation Services Survey.png

Mor Ying Clinic's Patient

Registration Form :

Mor Ying Clinic's Patient

Satisfaction & Follow up form :

Mor Ying Clinic's Hotel

Satisfaction Questionnaire :

Mor Ying Clinic's

Transportation Services Survey :

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